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Rogue Burlesque Gainesville Florida Tour

Rogue Burlesque Gainesville Florida Tour


It's a first: Rogue Burlesque is going on the road in 2018! 

Or more accurately, we're going airborne!

In February, 2018, we're flying a handful of Rogues down to Gainesville, Florida to perform in a special co-production of Burlesque Against Humanity!

We're partnering with our friends in the Gainesville neo-burlesque community, which includes members of the Mischievous Madams and Breakaway Burlesque. The show will be half Rogues and half local Gainesville gals performing Cards Against Humanity-inspired routines!

Official details on the show are TBA soon, but until then we need your help to get us there!

We've launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for our air travel to Florida and back. Check out the fun rewards you can get for supporting our tour and help us hit our target by the December 15 deadline!

Plus, any excess funds will go towards bringing the Gainesville troupes up to Boston for a Rogue show in May!