Lucky 13 Amateur Burlesque Competition

Lucky 13 Amateur Burlesque Competition

Have you ever wanted to try burlesque?

This is your chance!

Rogue Burlesque is hosting:

Lucky 13 Amateur Burlesque Competition

Saturday, September 12, 2015
Club Cafe
209 Columbus Ave, Boston
Doors at 7pm, Show at 7:30pm
18+ to attend, 21+ to drink
$10 in advance, $15 at the door


As of August 3, we are currently FULL. Registration for Lucky 13 is closed. Stay tuned for the next competition.

If you missed your chance to register to compete, you can:

  • Attend Sassy, Classy & Brassy to polish your skills for next time
  • Email volunteer (at) rogueburlesque (dot) com to offer to help out at the show
  • Buy your tickets to cheer on the competitors

Who can compete?

You must be an amateur – this means you have been performing burlesque/boylesque for less than a year and you are not currently a member of a professional burlesque dance troupe. You must be at least 18 to compete.

How do I pay the fee?

Submit your registration fee of $20 through PayPal to the address:

We will contact you to confirm that we have received your registration.

What if I get in?

Rogue Burlesque is committed to helping you have the best performance possible. That’s why we’re giving you the chance to workshop your number and get feedback from us before you perform! There is no cost for this. It is included in your registration fee. You will get a 15-minute slot during the evening on Sunday, August 23, 6-9pm to show us an initial draft of your number.

While the workshop is optional, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. We have found that those people who are not ready for their workshop date end up not being ready to perform and thus drop out. Bring whatever you have — even if it is nothing more than an idea and we’ll talk you through! It does not have to be a finished, polished routine. REALLY.

Note: The Rogues who give feedback will NOT be judging the contest and will not provide any information about your number to the judges in advance.

What if I win?

The winner will get a grand prize consisting of: pair of hand-bedazzled pasties, 2 complimentary tickets to the next Rogue Burlesque show, and $50 CASH!

Competition Rules and Expectations

  • You must do burlesque. This means that you must perform striptease to whatever level you are comfortable. To comply with state and city of Boston laws, you must wear at a minimum: nipple pasties (for female-bodied people) and underwear that covers at least 2″ on either side of your crack (aka, no thongs). You can wear MORE than this; this is the *bare* minimum, if you will.
  • You must be an amateur – this means you have been performing burlesque/boylesque for less than a year and you are not currently a member of a professional burlesque dance troupe.
  • You must perform a solo routine. It takes a lot of courage to get up there and do burlesque by yourself! We like to keep the playing field even so we ask everyone to do a solo performance. No duos or groups allowed! Note: If you require a *small* cameo appearance by a second person to explain or set your story, this is allowed. But their role must be minimal.
  • Your song must be between 2.5 and 4.5 minutes long. You must send us your music (in MP3 format) at least one week before the show. Send to
  • You will have the opportunity to workshop your number with non-judging members of Rogue. When you sign up, you will be offered a 15-minute slot. Again, this is not a requirement and will NOT impact judging.
  • We will provide a stage kitten who can help set any props you might have as well as pick up your clothes at the end of your number. Stage kittens will NOT do any additional cleaning after your number. This means no liquids, food products, glitter, or any other messy substances can be left on stage. If you really want to include messy materials in your number, you must bring your own tarp and have a clean-up plan.
  • You must arrive at Club Cafe by 6:30pm the night of the show. There is limited changing space that will be shared among multiple performers. Please come with hair and makeup done. Come with as much of your costume already on as you feel comfortable. Play nice when sharing space. The competition will start at 7:30pm. You must be ready for your timeslot! Timeslots will be determined in advance through a random drawing.
  • Invite your friends. There will be 3 professional judges. The fourth judge will be the audience. This means the more people you bring to vote for you, the better your chances of winning the audience vote. And let’s be honest, you want people to see you! So invite everyone you know!
  • Have fun! Yes, this is a competition. And yes, this may be your first time on stage (which can be nerve-wracking). But burlesque is also supposed to be fun! And we want to make sure you have a great experience!