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Official website of Rogue Burlesque, an award-winning Boston burlesque troupe specializing in nerdlesque, classic, and neoburlesque comedy.

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Ship It Like It's FedEXXX

  • Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel Ballroom C/D 425 Summer St. Boston, MA USA (map)

Games by Play Date is thrilled to present an evening of glorious smut, titillating burlesque, ridiculous crack-fics and a nude Cthulhu that will strip...away your sanity.

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Ship It Like Its FedEXXX
Friday, January 13, 2017
at Arisia 2017
Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel
Ballroom C/D
425 Summer St
Boston, MA 02210

Rogue performers:
Dewie Decimator
Cheeky DeVine
Brandy Wine
Morning Glory
Alice Azul
Tuesday Addams
Ginny Nightshade
Dahlia Strack
Dixie Douya

and from D20 burlesque:
Anja Keister
Carriage Return
Lewd Alfred Douglas

Join GPD and the delightful performers from Rogue Burlesque and D20 Burlesque as we regale you with the "best" in erotic fanfiction and delight you with risque performance. You will see things beyond your lurid imagination & hear things that can never be unheard, no matter how hard you try!

So, wait, what?

Exactly, we have decided to start off 2017 with a bang. At Arisia 2017 (Jan. 13-16) Games by Play Date will be upping the ante of their normal smut/fanfic readings. Yes, we will be selecting characters March Madness style for our onstage author to spin into smut. But this time we are alternating our fanfiction readings (helped along by the sultry tones of Alex Roberts of Backstory) with burlesque performances by Boston's own Rogue Burlesque and members of the NYC based D20 Burlesque troupe.


We read sexy time stories and pretty people will dance and take off costumes. This isn't rocket science...

Oh, ok. How do I get tickets?

"Therein lies the rub" - Billiam S. Shakespeare

You can't, because there are none! This show is FREE to convention attendees. So, go grab a pass for — I am not even remotely kidding — our favorite and the best convention on the East Coast. Honestly it's everything you want in a convention. A good bar, great games, authors, guests, kinky stuff, hotel suite parties, and panels on every topic you could imagine. There is nothing else like it.

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