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Rogue Burlesque presents:

Your Body and You - Boston burlesqueYour Body and You: a Theatrical Comedy Striptease Spectacular!

Sundays July 19 & 26
Doors at 7:30pm, Show at 8pm
Zero Arrow St
Cambridge, MA
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What did you learn in health class? Abstinence, fear and maybe how to roll a condom onto a banana?

Rogue Burlesque presents YOUR BODY AND YOU, a health assembly full of cautionary tales, celebratory moments and your recommended daily allowance of striptease!

Health teacher Joan (comic Jessie Baade) guides the gifted gals of Rogue through the horrors of drug abuse, the dangers (and pleasures) of promiscuity, the basics of hygiene and more! With an assist from gym teacher Jim (Dale Stones of Sirlesque), dancing STDs, and an epic, live-action contraception battle, you’ll leave loving every body!


WARNING: This assembly may contain references to street drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, vibrators, intestinal processes, and smoking. There will be striptease, and the viewer will face between zero and 16 pasties on stage at any given moment. Please make sure your permission slips are signed, then crumple them up and deposit them in the garbage before you arrive. Enjoy the show!

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Rogue Burlesque was the winner of the Henry Horenstein Judge’s Choice Award
at Alterna-TEASE 2013!

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